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Health & Wellbeing

No matter what your age happiness and contentment comes from health and wellbeing. To help you find advice, assistance and activities for just that we provide a range of resources that you can use for you and your family.

Health & Wellbeing Events at Victoria Park

Whether its yoga, dance or simply having a chat with someone here at Victoria Park Community Centre we have a range of events and resources to assist your health and well being. Our Enabling Team are here to help you and further information can be found under our agencies link.

View the range of events or discover which agencies are at the centre
Check out our Active Living section and cool online tools


Watch Health & Wellbeing Videos

Get some great advice and ideas about health and wellbeing from the NHS with this amazing selection of videos that you can watch online. Whether mental health, fitness, health eating, conditions, family, or real stories you'll find these videos a great place to start your health and wellbeing plan.

Browse the 513 videos available online


Emotional Health

Understanding your emotions and finding out how emotions work, how they can take over during difficult times, and when to seek professional help is an important part of wellbeing. Perhaps you would like to build up your emotional resilience, learn about living with depression, overcome jealousy, deal with loss, discover men and emotional health, or simply access do-it-yourself therapy. You'll find all you need here.
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Do you need help to take those first steps towards a healthier lifestyle?

The Health Trainer Service can help with:
• Reducing stress
• Healthy eating and weight management
• Becoming more physically active
• Stopping smoking
• Sensible drinking
                                                                And it's free call: 0800 412 5502


Healthy Living

Get information on more than 100 topics covering all aspects of healthy living and advice on coping with long-term health conditions. Find out about weight, women aged 18-39 and 40-60. Discover fitness, black health, men aged 18-39 and 40-60, depression, drugs even snoring.

Visit healthy living resources


Healthy Eating

Despite what you see in some diet books and TV programmes, healthy eating is really straightforward and this website has a multitude of information, ideas, videos, and tools to help you revise your eating patterns and adopt a better eating practice. If you love food then you'll love this resource.

Visit healthy eating resource


Sexual Health

Sexual health and happiness is an important part of everyday life and gaining information on this varied subject can help your sense of wellbeing and contribute to your health and relationships. Whether contraception, talking about sex, sex and young people, good sex, fertility, gay health and menopause. Here you find all the advice and resources you need.

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