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Fire & Rescue and Police Emergency Services

There are many resources, activities and advice at our community centre, in Bridgwater and Somerset. So we have provided a library of information based on certain subjects. Just browse a section that interests you!

Victoria Neighbourhood Area

This Victoria police beat covers the residential areas of north Bridgwater and also the town centre area down as far as the town bridge over the River Parrett.

Included in the beat area are Victoria Park and the Blake Museum.

View Victoria Neighbourhood Area Resources

Neighbourhood Watch

The purpose of Neighbourhood Watch is to unite neighbourhoods in an effort to prevent crime, by protecting and enhancing their environment and generally looking out for each other’s properties. Neighbourhood Watches a way of dealing with many issues affecting their communities, such as anti-social behaviour, burglary and vehicle crime. Read more

View Neighbourhood Watch Website

Bobby Van Scheme

The Bobby Van Scheme was set up by the Avon and Somerset Police Community Trust in 2001 to provide extra security for those people within the community who are vulnerable or who have been victims of a burglary, domestic violence or hate crime.

Find Out More About the Bobby Van Scheme

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Local Action Teams

Local Action Teams are built on a foundation for partnership-working and project delivery. We recognise the need to get people to engage in community activities for the good of the community but understand the many pressures on individuals where time and money can be a barrier to action.

View More Local Action Team Information

Home Fire Safety

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue offer a home fire safety visit to people living within their fire station boundaries. This initiative has been highly successful in reducing accidental fires and deaths in the home. The home fire safety visits are carried out by trained personnel.

For a free home safety visit call 0800 73 11 822 or email firekills@dsfire.gov.uk.


Most fires could be prevented if people understood what to do, and what happens if they do not act. We work with young persons to ensure they all understand the dangers of fire, and that those who need it get extra help.

Many Fire & Rescue Services provide free school visits to raise fire safety awareness and you can by calling 0800 73 11 822 or emailing firekills@dsfire.gov.uk.

Calling 999

In an emergency you should always dial '999'. Here is a simple guide to help you when calling '999'.

View Calling 999 Guide


Rapid Fire Game

Test your reactions and take the Fire Kills challenge.




Police - website

Bridgwater Police Station
Tel: 01275 818181

Fire Brigade - website

Bridgwater Fire Station
Salmon Parade
Tel: 01278 444031 24hr

Hospital - website

Taunton & Somerset Hospital
Musgrove Park
Tel. 01823 333444

Other Emergency Services

Childline - 0800 111111
Gas Escapes - 0800 111999 (24hrs)
Electricity - 0345 651651 (24hrs)
Wessex Water - 0345 300600
Environment Agency - 0800 807060
Flood Line - 0845 988 1188