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Tools & Downloads

You'll be amazed at the tools and downloads we have for you and your family. Each designed to make life easier.

Fitness Self-assessment

Take the fitness test with simple assessment test to find out how fit and active you really are. At the end you'll receive an assessment with useful 'next steps' hints for keeping fit and healthy.

Use fitness self-assessment test


Stop-smoking Widget

Receive daily support straight to your desktop with this 30-day course. A built-in calculator tells you how much you're saving and how long you've been smoke free. This tool gives you daily messages, and keeps track of how much you're saving and how many days it's been since your last cigarette. Great motivators for staying smoke free.

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Healthy Eating Self-assessment

We all know that eating healthily is a good thing but what does it mean and where do you start. Could your diet be putting your health at risk? Find out with this short assessment of your eating habits.

Use healthy-eating self-assessment

Calorie Calculator

Check out the calorie calculator. It will give you a rough idea of how many calories you will burn off by getting active. The amount of energy people use can vary widely even if they seem to be a similar build or age. The calculator is a rough guide to the number of calories you can use by doing different activities.

Use calorie calculator

5 A Day Shopping Planner

Create a weekly 5 a day friendly shopping list and meal planner in five simple steps with this simple tool. It helps everyone eat more fruit and veg and covers everything from breakfast to dinner. Plus lots of recipes and value for money ideas.

Use 5 A Day Shopping Planner

Calculate Child Maintenance

If you'd like to know how much maintenance you might pay or receive, you can use the calculator on the Child Maintenance Options website. The calculator can give you an indication of the amount of maintenance that might be payable with an arrangement through the Child Support Agency.

Use child maintenance calculator

Supermarket Health Checker

Use the supermarket health checker tool to cut the sat fat, salt and sugar in your weekly shop. The health checker keeps track of your trolley and suggests healthy swaps based on your favourite items.

Use supermarket health checker tool

Parenting Self-assessment

This quiz is for parents of babies and pre-school children. It provides practical advice to help with the demands of family life. The results will give you an overview of your situation, as well as useful links to videos and features tailored to your personal experiences.

Use parenting self-assessment tool

Could you be depressed?

If you're depressed, the usual feelings of sadness that we all experience temporarily remain for weeks, months and years. They can be so intense that daily life is affected. You can’t work normally, you don’t want to be with your family and friends, and you stop enjoying the things you usually do. Take this short test to find out if you're suffering from depression.

Use depression self-assessment tool

Workplace Stress Test

Are you stressed by your job? Take this test to find out if you're experiencing too much pressure at work. Take this short test to find out if your job is leading to stress. It will provide you with a short assessment plus lots of useful guidance and links to get further information.

Use workplace stress test tool

Videos for Inhalers

When using an inhaler for your Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease it's important that you use it correctly.
Click on the link below to to see video clips and transcripts that show you how to use your inhalers correctly.

Go to Videos for Inhalers

Tax Credits Calculator

Find out who can get Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit, check if you're eligible and find out how to claim. This calculator will give you an idea of how much you should be entitled to, based on the information you give.

Use tax credits calculator

Tools Collection

See a list of 57 tools to help you measure certain aspects of your life, health, sex, eating habits, spotting illness in adults or children, fitness, alcohol, child development, teenagers, pregnancy, knowledge or mood.

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